Cervical interbody fusion cage / anterior / pre-filled IMPIX MANTA® MEDICREA

Cervical interbody fusion cage / anterior / pre-filled IMPIX MANTA® MEDICREA

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Sterile PEEK Optima® Cervical Interbody Device, pre-assembled on holder/impactor Benefits : Enhanced stability: the anatomical design and the beveled edge shape of IMPIX MANTA® allow to perfectly set on to the uncus , leading to the optimum cage stability in the intervertebral space. Optimum fusion: thanks to a large area pre-filled with synthetic bone substitute Operative time saving and less pain for the patient: no need for iliac graft swab Ease of use: sterile prefilled cage, preassembled on holder, ready to insert - "No touch" technique Full sterility: including disposable instrumentation kit. Features Design: - Wide contact surface with the vertebral endplates, covering the uncus - Large area prefilled with synthetic bone substitute - Anti-back out ridging and upper pins to prevent the risk of cage migration or rotation - Anatomical design to maintain intervertebral disc height and restore lordosis - 3 radiographic tantalum markers to control the cage position. Material: - PEEK Optima® : radiolucence, bonelike elasticity, biocompatibility - Bone substitute : > 95% Tricalcium phosphate (?-TCP). Complete range: - 3 sizes : Small 14x 17mm, Medium 14x19,5mm Large 14x22mm - 3 Heights : 5,6 & 7 mm - 3° of lordosis angle. Presentation: - Prefilled Sterile implant - Pre-assembled on disposable holder with a color-code referring to the implant size.
  • Surgical approach:anterior
  • Cage characteristics:pre-filled
United Kingdom
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