Cervical exerciser Trax Axis Medical Biomechanics

Cervical exerciser Trax Axis Medical Biomechanics

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The Trax Cervical Rehabilitation is designed to provide an immediate and on point result in the trapezium–cervical area causing a state of relaxation and elastification based in a performing system of contralateral forces that carries out a precise and gradual traction movement. The tool is designed to orchestrate the functional recovery of cervical symptomatologies and postural hygiene such as cervical articulation decompression, providing intradiscal width and cervical spine decontracture, providing global or partial relaxation of the superficial muscles as well as the deep muscles jointly with ligaments of all the area. To continue, the Trax Cervical Rehabilitation allows progressive neck traction from three angles since it controls three points of the skull. It permits fixed movements, flexion, extension, left/right lateralization and flexo-combination. The product facilitates the distention among cervical vertebrae as well as the Isometrical muscular strengthening with the two spots of counter resistance. This innovative helps patients recover faster.