Ceramic dental crown / prefabricated S, M, L, X, 16 VITA Farben pritidenta GmbH

Ceramic dental crown / prefabricated S, M, L, X, 16 VITA Farben pritidenta GmbH
S, M, L, X, 16 VITA Farben

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priticrown is the only CAD/CAM crown blank, which resembles natural dentition after simply polishing without individualization or characterization. The priti®crown is available in 4 sizes, 3 shapes and 9 VITA shades. ESTHETICS The realistic coordination of multiple layers within the monolithic priti®crown blank is key to a perfect esthetical appearance. Fluorescence, translucence and opalescence make up the natural lightoptical properties of feldspar ceramic. This chameleon effect creates vibrancy within the crown allowing it to adapt harmoniously to the adjacent natural teeth. PROCESSING The integration of priti®crown geometry in leading CAD and CAM programs, enables well controlled design and precise milling. The color appearance is already within the polychromatic blank. All that is required to fi nish the crown is simply to polish by hand. ADVANTAGE priti®crown is a highly esthetical restoration, which produces reliable shade effects and is safe to process. Less manual working steps and the effective use of CAD/CAM processes make this a cost effective manufacturing method.
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