Cell phone alert system LifeTrac® MobileProtector™ SecuraTrac

Cell phone alert system LifeTrac® MobileProtector™ SecuraTrac
LifeTrac® MobileProtector™

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The LifeTrac MobileProtector is a ruggedized, weather-proof GPS locator-phone able to withstand extreme conditions and uses. It is perfect for adolescents who do not need a texting plan and for seniors who want to remain active and mobile yet may live alone or wants an added layer of security for health or other safety reasons. The LifeTrac solution is often the corner-stone of a robust Mobile PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) solution. - Light Weight and Durable - It is feather-light, weighing under 2.5 ounces - Small Form Factor - Just over a 1/2 inch thick, it goes unnoticed on a hip, in a pocket, or on a lanyard around the neck - Long Battery Life - Lasts for up to 4 days of continuous use with 15 minute reporting intervals - SOS Alert - Sends an alert to the contacts you specify seconds after the SOS button is pushed - Instant E911 Contact - Contact 911 emergency services (911 or Central Monitoring Station) in seconds with a single push of a button no matter where you are and at anytime. - 24 x 7 Emergency Response Monitoring - Integrated with leading Central Monitoring Stations that serve customers nation-wide. - 4 Programmable Speed Dial Buttons - Easily set 3 programmable speed dial buttons to any number you want for family, friends and physicians or whoever you want to contact when you are in need of help. - Store Contacts and Phone Numbers - Quickly find and dial your most important contacts from up to 21 stored contacts - SecuraFence Alert - Notifies the contacts you specify via email, text and web whenever it crosses into or out of SecuraFence boundaries
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