Ceiling-mounted supply column ERGO 303 BIOLUME

Ceiling-mounted supply column ERGO 303 BIOLUME
ERGO 303

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Suspended column rigid unit with movable arm for infusion equipment. The ERGO 303 is the perfect combination of a rigid secure column with a movable arm often used in ccu,icu, delivery, emergency,… This system gathers on 3 faces (6 individual compartments), various equipment for special cares. The shelves (optional ) positioned onto 3 rods ensures a total capacity of easy access. This concept can also manages 2 beds because of the triangle shape allowing a direct connection for each patient. Optional 40 000 LUX light for cares available on demand.
  • Installation:ceiling-mounted
Parc Eurasante 310, rue Jules Valles,
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