Ceiling-mounted medical pendant / height-adjustable B10 Bourbon

Ceiling-mounted medical pendant / height-adjustable B10 Bourbon

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Designation: Height adjustable pendant supplier of fluids and electricity. Departement: Operating room. Dimensions: Adaptable to any ceiling height thanks to its customized vertical cylinder. Length of the adujustable height part: 1,30 m. Length of the horizontal arm: from 0,5 m to 1 m. Payload: - Color: White epoxy paint. Handling: 330° rotation + 45 cm vertical run. Brake: Mechanical. Equipements: High capacity: up to 12 eletricity/computer sockets + 8 fluids sockets, placed according to your wishes. Reservations for sockets and outlets are possible. Options: Anaesthesia gases evacuation socket or motor air. Highlights: Outstanding ergonomy and ease of use. Stability in all positions, no adjustments necessary in case of change of load. Smart and simple design, no apparent screws. Surfaces are easy to clean and stay clean durably. Slim shape and high load capacity. Unequalled sturdiness guaranties superior resistance to time. Fast & easy installation.
  • Characteristics:height-adjustable
  • Installation:ceiling-mounted