Cardiac telemonitoring management software / analysis / medical / ECG BioQT® OBS Medical

Cardiac telemonitoring management software / analysis / medical / ECG BioQT® OBS Medical

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BioQT® is the only fully automated ECG analysis tool that can be provided as either a service option or independently installed and then managed by the client when screening for the potential risk of adverse events in new drugs from arrhythmia induced cardiac toxicity. BioQT provides the following benefits to Phase 1 Units, Core ECG Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Sponsors globally as cardiac safety solutions: Speed: Rapid data analysis (24-hour Holter analysis time of 15 minutes for a single lead) Cost Reduction: Automation reduces cost (Fewer subjects required which reduces un-needed human exposure and lowers study costs) Clinical Advantages: May exonerate compounds that have a QT effect but do not alter T-wave morphology, deliver more precise identification of treatment status and provide a much smaller standard deviation of QTc ICH E14 Compliant: fully automated analysis BioQT has the capability to deliver several output formats: Pure automated QT analysis either RMS or single lead (Standard Report) Customized automated analysis (using customized report forms for QT, QRS, PR and HR analysis either on RMS or single lead) Summary charts and tables in Microsft Word format Beat by beat measurements, 15 and 30 minute averages, in Microsoft Excel format Analysis with human cardiologist over-read (Refined analysis)
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