CAD software / CAM / for dental prosthesis design / medical DWOS Dental Wings

CAD software / CAM / for dental prosthesis design / medical DWOS Dental Wings

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dwos is the cornerstone of our ecosystem of digital dentistry solutions. It is a software suite for prosthesis planning and design as well as for communication. From implant abutments to full dentures including drill guides, dwos offers powerful tools to dental professionals in order to make their practice easier and more rewarding. Thanks to our open approach and to our partnerships, with dwos, clinical information and manufacturing steps are flexible. That gives the user great freedom. For example, an intra-oral scan file can be imported. Also, the manufacturing of the prosthesis components can be performed with several types of machine tools. dwos applications allow to design a wide range of indications, such as crowns, implant crowns, implant bars and bridges, removables, custom abutments, onlays, veneers and more. The software structure is modular; therefore it will adapt to the varied and evolving needs of dental clinics, labs and other partners. dwos now includes coDiagnostiX, which manages the complete guided surgery workflow: implant planning, prosthesis design, surgical guide design and manufacturing, and immediate-load provisional design and fabrication. dwos connect is an intuitive communication tool that connects dentists, laboratories and outsourcing centers, allowing them to share information about cases.
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