CAD/CAM milling machine / 5-axis DC5 ZUBLER

CAD/CAM milling machine / 5-axis DC5 ZUBLER

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The DC5 offers dry machining of alumina, PMMA, splint, zirconia, was, splint, and standard material models. The wet machining of titanium and cobalt-chromium as well as blue blanks and well glass ceramics that offer two separate cooling systems. The direct servo control offers safe positioning and cutting speeds. With servo controllers it offers motor management. For maximum accuracy of 160.000 pulses per rotation with high resolution encoder feedback. The tool changer system offers 10 tool stations with a digital length measuring system. Upon request an extra tool changer can be added. It is specially developed CAM software with milling data and self-sustaining CNC controlling and it is fully programmable for direct control. The unit also manages and monitors the tools through production overnight.
  • Number of axes:5-axis
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