Breast tissue expander AeroForm AirXpanders

Breast tissue expander AeroForm AirXpanders

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In order to correct the issues with conventional saline-based tissue expanders, AirXanders created a totally new type of product the AeroForm patient controlled tissue expander has a little, handheld wireless controller that no longer require percutaneous saline injections. The AeroForm uses compressed carson dioxide that is pushed through a tiny internal valve. Based on basic implant surgeries, the patient can completely control the expansion in their own homes led by surgeons, instead of having to do it in their office. The AeroForm tissue expander system allows for a new choice and can take less than a few weeks for completion. This has been confirmed in a study that AirXpanders led. The result showed that patients could have full tissue expansion earlier, which enables the patient to get back in shape and reestablish normal daily routines.
  • Area of the body:breast
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