Breast biopsy system / stereotactic FUJIFILM Europe

Breast biopsy system / stereotactic FUJIFILM Europe

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Fujifilm, known for superior quality products excel in terms of being reliable and durable present efficient and accurate Stereotactic Biopsy Unit that highlights stereotactic biopsy examination with superior resolution of capacity 50µm pixel pitch. When the AMULET or AMULET f is coupled with the optional Stereotactic Biopsy Positioner, the combination enables reliable and accurate procedure with images of high resolution. The AMULET f, full-field digital mammography system incorporates a X-ray sensor panel that facilitates direct conversion. The device is fitted with Direct Optical Switching Technology of Fujifilm and double layer of a-Se. The combination of technology and material facilitates lower electronic noise and image capturing with industry's most smooth 50 micron pixel pitch simultaneously. In addition, this unique panel also offers high DQ, resulting in reduction of X-ray dose and excellent image quality.
  • Type of biopsy:breast
  • Control:stereotactic
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