Bone marrow aspiration needle RETRIEVE® Globus Medical

Bone marrow aspiration needle RETRIEVE® Globus Medical

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The RETRIEVE® Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) Kit is designed for optimal aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac crest or vertebral body. It is a convenient system to extract and mix bone marrow with the desired matrix material. BMA mixed with MicroFuse® provides additional osteogenic cells that may help promote fusion. Optimal aspiration: Holes in the aspiration needle allow for optimal bone marrow aspiration to minimize needle repositioning, for less disruption of the iliac crest Convenient kit design: The complete kit includes an additional mixing bowl and spatula to support the harvesting process Benefits of BMA: BMA mixed with bone graft extenders and bone void fillers may enhance the potential for fusion by providing an osteogenic bone graft material that contains native mesenchymal stem cells
  • Application:bone marrow aspiration

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