Bone collector dental FRIOS® DENTSPLY Implants GmbH

Bone collector dental FRIOS® DENTSPLY Implants GmbH

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Harvesting vital bone chips or preparing complete bone blocks quickly and atraumatically during the preparation of the implant site is made easy with the FRIOS® range of products for bone harvesting. FRIOS MicroSawIf bone blocks or bone flaps must be prepared, use the FRIOS MicroSaw (by Prof. Khoury). The microsaw blade, only 0.25 mm thick, cuts the finest osteotomy line in the world and operates almost completely without bone loss. Bone is harvested in three steps. In the first step, the bone block is prepared to a maximum cutting depth of 3.5 mm; then the site is perforated using a drill, and in the third step it is luxated using a dental chisel. The movable soft-tissue shield of the FRIOS MicroSaw, the so-called protector, protects the surrounding tissue from injury during preparation. The saw is assembled and disassembled in one operation. The saw blade is cooled directly for additional protection: this prevents the bone from overheating. FRIOS handpiecesThe FRIOS MicroSaw Expert Set is particularly easy to operate: two specially modified FRIOS handpieces and one FRIOS contra-angle handpiece, with patented hexagonal clamping system, allow efficient working and accurate preparation of the bone even under the most difficult anatomical conditions – even in the retromolar region and with a restricted oral cavity.