Body plethysmograph Vmax™ Autobox CareFusion

Body plethysmograph Vmax™ Autobox CareFusion
Vmax™ Autobox

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The product is used for plethysmograph of whole body. With the combination of technology of pressure-compensated-flow and cabin with huge space the testing capabilities of the product increases. The test is completed faster and provides the environment of the people less stressful. The cabin consist lots of space in which an adult or small child with his parents can be easily accommodated. The product is consists of rotating arms which enable the patient testing outside the cabin. The false electrical resistance artifact is efficiently removed by the plethysmograph's Kelvin-sensing Mass Flow Sensor. The product has capabilities to make it accurate automatically in the changing condition of the environment. V62W is a large cabin of 1350 liter in which testing for the large and obese people can be done suitably. The spacious cabin also allows accommodation of a wheelchair inside the cabin. The display of composite and individual tracings is provided by the Vmax software for improvement of the assessment of graphical data. If only mouth is used for deriving volume it can be erroneous for patients with limited airflow.
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