Blood processing system Atreus® TerumoBCT

Blood processing system Atreus® TerumoBCT

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The Atreus Whole Blood Processing System puts a new spin on whole blood processing as the first laboratory technology available that automates the steps of whole blood processing in a single system. With the push of a button, customers can easily produce two or three* components from a whole blood unit. CaridianBCT Atreus Whole Blood Processing SystemThis unique system simplifies whole blood processing by consolidating many labor-intensive manual process steps through automation, including: Balancing Centrifugation Expression Sealing Volume determination Procedure and process data For additional flexibility, the Atreus system can effectively process whole blood up to 24 hours after collection with multiple protocols available for component production. The system also allows a choice between platelet additive solutions (PAS) or plasma for platelet suspension.
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