Blood glucose meter SC-100 ChungDo Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Blood glucose meter SC-100 ChungDo Pharm. Co., Ltd.

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System is very easy to carry around and able to be used lor measuring the glucose level in whole blood. It is also very simple, easy and foolproof. You don't have to worry about coding your meter because the simplecheck meter does it automatically. The system should be used only for testing glucose and only with fresh capillary whole Wood samples. The system is intended for selftesting by persons with use in the home and in clinical settings. It should not be used for the diagnosis of diabetes or the testing of newborn. Features - It is small size, stylish design, and ease of use allows you to take it everywhere. - It can show all information variously. - It requires very small volume(0.5uL) and display the result in 5 seconds. - It can measure glucose in whole Wood at AST (Alternate site testing). - It can measure glucose concentration when the test strip inserted without changing the code number or using the code chip.
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