Blood glucose meter GlucoTrack® Integrity Applications

Blood glucose meter GlucoTrack® Integrity Applications

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The late Dr. David FregerFreger co- founder of Integrity legacy lives on in the development of a non –invasive glucose monitor. David was diabetic and like many other persons who suffer from this debilitating disease, he because tired of pricking his finger to remove blood to check for glucose a few times daily. Along with two other colleagues David Malka and Avner Gal they decided to build a non-invasive blood glucose monitor that should provide pain free measurements. After years of development and intensive research they determined the challenge technically was to increase the signal to noise ratio, so as to achieve a dependable reading without the need to draw blood. This would be accomplished by mixing three autonomous technologies at the same time. These three technologies were patented and include the use of electromagnetic, ultrasound and thermal measurements along with a special algorithm to measure and calculate the average weight of the three reading. CE approved. FDA beginning of process.
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