Blood gas and electrolyte analyzer combi line Eschweiler

Blood gas and electrolyte analyzer combi line Eschweiler
combi line

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We present combi line the next generation of analysing systems: compact, easy and economical. Forget all the other systems with a number of confusing keys and technical nonsense. With clear functionality the combi line is dedicated to serve you. In critical cases even seconds count. We follow this obligation. With its clear and easy handling the combi line provides fast and accurate results to give you the required informations for your further actions. Quality measurements are basically depending on the quality of the sensors used and the calibration technology. Since more than 55 years we develop and produce relevant quality sensors. You can rely on our experience. With our progressive liquid calibration technology the reliability is improved significantly. No external gas supply is required. You only need a power- supply to operate the analyser wherever you like. The unlimited flexibility of our new concept is a big advantage for you. Choose only those parameters which are of interest for you - any combination out of 11 parameters is allowed. We save your money for unnecessary investments and costs for operation and maintenance of sensors which are not required. Reducing running cost is a must everywhere. Our concepts for supporting you are: Seperate containers for the reagents. You can empty each container completely. With cartridges and reagent packs you waste money as you have to replace the whole pack even if only one compartment is empty. Choice of reusable sensors. You can easily replace the membrane at low cost. Maintenance-free sensors used with other brands are disposable parts and require to be replaced completely even if only the membrane is defective.
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