Blood collection monitor MCS®+ HAEMONETICS

Blood collection monitor MCS®+ HAEMONETICS

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The MCS+ is a mobile, multi-component blood collection system that is dedicated to collecting blood components which include red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, and it can also perform therapeutic procedures. MCS+ uses a single-needle technology for a simple, comfortable procedure. The draw is automated, and return speeds adjust to the unique flow capabilities of donors. It also has optional saline to replenish any loss of fluids during donation, and for donor comfort the system has monitored citrate control. The system is ideal for patient and donor environments due to its quiet operation. Besides this, the system boasts of protocol card technology that instantly accesses multiple procedures, a thorough disposable set for any combination of components and treatments, and it is flexible enough to produce the correct products from the appropriate donors at the correct time so that patients' needs are met.
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