Biostimulation laser / diode / tabletop SpectraCure

Biostimulation laser / diode / tabletop SpectraCure

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SpectraCure's innovative interstitial PDT approach is based on administration of a photosensitiser and non-thermal laser light under management of a unique new system for treatment planning and dosimetry, IDOSE®. SpectraCure has developed and patented the IDOSE® platform for safe, accurate and efficient cancer IPDT treatment of internal cancer tumours. It includes sophisticated laser equipment and dose management technology. It can perform real-time adjustments to the dose plan covering the different parts of the target tissue and allows tomographic mapping of the optical light dose build-up in the different parts of the lesion. The SpectraCure system with IDOSE® has the potential to become the tool that makes interstitial PDT treatment accurate, precise and safe for each patient with individualised dosimetry which can reduce treatment failures and enable the best possible treatment outcome for each patient independent of tumour tissue variations. It's accuracy is tested by a truly targeted treatment as the PDT effect occurs only in the area where the light dose is delivered. It is also possible to monitor and adjust the light dose from each individual optical fibre which measures its precision and it could treat internal tumours can be treated with SpectraCure’s technology without the cumulative toxicity associated.
  • Ergonomics:tabletop
  • Application:biostimulation
  • Amplifying medium:diode
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