Biochemical oxygen demand analyzer (BOD) EVO VELP Scientifica

Biochemical oxygen demand analyzer (BOD) EVO VELP Scientifica

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The most convenient way to get reliable results automatically for BOD analysis. Data management and reporting become incredibly intuitive with the wireless data transmission to the exclusive BODSoft™. The BOD EVO Sensor is the unique and revolutionary wireless sensor, able to transfer data to the dedicated software BODSoft™. Mercury-free and intuitive, BOD EVO Sensor ensures an outstanding reliability as there is no need to open the door of the incubator thus eliminating the risk of internal temperature variations. The sensor measures the BOD value directly in mg/l with no need of further calculation and the results are immediately sent to the PC. Manufactured using the most modern and advanced construction techniques, the BOD EVO Sensor fits directly on the bottle containing the sample. Measurement is available on 4 different scales - 90, 250, 600 and 999 ppm BOD. Higher values can be measured by diluting the sample. BOD EVO Sensor System 6 is a complete package for BOD analysis and is ready-to-use! It includes a 6-position stirring station with BOD Sensors, dark glass bottles, alkali holders and stirring bars.
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