BeneFusion CS5 - Central Infusion Supervision System

BeneFusion CS5 - Central Infusion Supervision System
Patient Monitoring and Life Support

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BeneFusion CS5 central infusion supervision system is an intelligent central infusion supervision system with real-time patients’ infusion status display

  1. Draw ward function to display actual location of any beds in ward
  2. Centrally monitor the infusion status and real-time information of all patients
  3. Patient management,support at least 20000 patients infusion information, alarm event and treatment record review
  4. Drug library management
  5. Monitor alarm information system of all wards
  6. Save and export data
  7. Support BeneFusion DS5/CS5, infusion/syringe pump software upgrade
  8. Connect local or network printer to print out


Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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