Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube / waterproof Sensei BTE312, Sensei BTE13 Oticon

Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube / waterproof Sensei BTE312, Sensei BTE13 Oticon
Sensei BTE312, Sensei BTE13

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Oticon Sensei is a premium hearing solution for children with hearing loss that is available at two price points. Both come fully integrated with the high performance sound quality and with Oticon’s paediatric FM solution. The Sensei family consists of a variety of styles. Products in the Sensei family all feature 10kHz of extended bandwidth, Inium feedback shield, Tristate noise management, ConnectLine, VoicePriority i™, FM compatability filter, FM Super Silencer and Adaptive Directionally. BTE13 The majority of hearing instrument users choose a behind-the-ear model. They are light, very small and almost invisible in use. A value packed hearing aid Deliver the natural sound information needed to improve speech understanding Speech Guard E Ensures ear moulds are inserted correctly SmartFit™ Trainer For shifting attention between speakers in noise VoicePriority i ™ Eliminate whistling and feedback Inium feedback shield FM transmitter and receiver in class FM Compability Filter Provides important speech cues and better spatial perception 10 KHz Bandwidth Hear the teacher’s voice in noise FM Super Silencer Built to withstand childhood Robustness Wireless access to TV and entertainment ConnectLine Provide comfort in noisy situations Tristate Noise Management Designed to repel water Water resistant
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