Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube MENU5 m Widex

Behind the ear, hearing aid with ear tube MENU5 m Widex

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The MENU family is the ultimate in flexible hearing aid solutions. MENU gives hearing care professionals the opportunity to offer their clients a hearing aid that can be customised according to their listening needs and their budget two vital considerations for users. MENU starts in a basic, 3 channel option with outstanding Widex technology usually only available in more expensive hearing aids. This includes a new, improved flexible sound platform with a faster chip for better sound and performance, and state-of-the-art feedback cancelling. But that is only half the picture. A wide range of features, as well as 5 or 10 channels, can be added easily to suit clients needs; everything from proven Widex technology such as the Audibility Extender, which expands the range of audible sounds, to the Speech Enhancer, which increases speech intelligibility. These add-ons are easy for hearing care professionals to customise using Widex COMPASS instant fitting software. MENU m: - Micro-BTE (behind-the-ear) model - Recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss - Optional program button Features: - 5 channels - Audibility Extender (optional) - 2 listening programs (extra programs optional)
  • Hearing aid type:behind the ear, with ear tube
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