Bed elevator NEXWAY-S Series-IP/AP Mitsubishi Electric

Bed elevator NEXWAY-S Series-IP/AP Mitsubishi Electric

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Mitsubishi Electric uses sustainable energy techniques for making the elevators energy efficient and thus conserving energy. The most of the power is produced by the traction machine with the regenerative Converter. The elevators use limited energy with the help of Joint-Lapped Motor and several energy-saving features. There is an optional regenerative converter and the elevators use power efficiently. It travels by taking power from a power source, i.e. it has powered operation; but while travelling downward with a heavy car load or upwards with a light car load, it uses regenerative operation. The traction machine acts as a power generator. Usually the power generated at the time of traction machine operation is dissipated as heat. Regenerative Converter throws off the power back to the distribution transformer and supplies it to the electrical network into the building along with the electricity from power supply. In comparison to other similar elevators without a Regenerative Converter, this elevator saves lot of energy.
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