Bed elevator GRAVEN SY-BM, SY-B SYMAX Lift

Bed elevator GRAVEN SY-BM, SY-B SYMAX Lift

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GRAVEN Bed Lift Green & Motion Space, Health & Harmony infinite Lift description Applying state-of-the-art industry technology, SY-B(M) epitomizes green energy saving permanent magnet synchronous driving main unit, dual 32bit operation and control system, independent protection functions, 3D structure analysis and design as well as simple decoration style. PM traction machine With a cantilevered modular structure, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine mechanism is made of high-quality modular cast iron and emphasizes product stability, thus effectively reducing the mechanical fatigue of support points, improving product’s load bearing capacity and increasing service life by 20%. With a multi-level short magnetic circuit structure and short span concentrated winding, the motor features low heat emission and high efficiency, extends the service life and saves up to 20% energy. Its unique electromagnetic design reduces shaft current, dramatically decreases shaft failures, and improves work efficiency.
2150-11980 Hammersmith Way,
Richmond, BC
V7A 0A4
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