Bathtub electric Georg Krämer Ges

Bathtub electric Georg Krämer Ges
Georg Krämer Ges

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The MAGIC Colour & Light System makes bathing an experience for all senses. As the well-tempered water conveys warmth and security and bath oils spread their fragrance, visual and acoustic stimuli complete the sense absolute of well-being. LED spotlights, integrated into the tub body, are flooding the bathing water with light in one of five pre-set colours or are shining in a gentle continuous colour change. Additionally the sounds played via the USB port support the bathing effect optimally. Built-in high-performance loudspeakers ensure that music is truly palpable. The Effect of the 5 Colours GREEN ?refreshing, restorative and vitalizing YELLOW ?encouraging and nerve-strengthening WARM WHITE ?balancing and regenerating RED ?stimulating, activating and invigorating BLUE? calming, relaxing and sleep-inducing
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