Bacterial identification system with antibiogram Alfred60 ALIFAX

Bacterial identification system with antibiogram Alfred60 ALIFAX

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The Alfred60 system comes fully automated to perform bacterial culture. Susceptibility and RAA testing system has fully automated the entire process of sample inoculation providing results and reading transmission. The patented technology is designed based on the system of scattering light which allows the bacteria to be detected along with how resistant they are to medication. This happens within a few hours of high sensitivity. Additional features quantitative Results expressed in CFU/ml, Real time detection of bacteria growth curves, automated susceptibility testing with customized antibiotic panels, Light Scattering Technology, primary closed tube sampling with continuous loading capability, single sample management with customized analysis profile settings, refrigerated area at + 4°C for antibiotics and 0.5 Mc Farland positive sample storage, Built in barcode reader for automatic sample, automatic reagents and samples dispensing, direct Testing from Positive Blood Culture Alifax and automatic results reading and reporting, Integrated turbidimeter with Mc Farland Monitor.
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