Autopsy table / with sink / electric / with suction system EIHF

Autopsy table / with sink / electric / with suction system EIHF

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Autopsy Table (Model 3) rinsing - Slight slope of the tray allowing an easy drainage of waste liquids - DESCRIPTION: This high-quality stainless steel autopsy table has been especially developed for the services of forensic medicine. Very close working position to the table. Its design respects the ergonomics and the environment of the user - 316L Stainless steel tray – 0.20 mm thick - Smooth tray without holes on surface facilitating work and cleaning – Base with width 72 cm and length 142cm providing a very great robustness and rigidity. Dust and odor downdraft exhausting system (850m3/h) integrated into the table making possible the return of the air in the room after treatment through a granulometric pre-filter EU2 and active carbon filter (200g/m3) - Table top perimeter perforated to provide air extraction directly down through the table, removing odors as close to the source as possible and easy cleaning. Huge advantage compared to the traditional system of perforated plate. Working table equipped with an adjustable permanent. The 3-Body supports make possible to get the body without any contact with the tray. A synthetic multi-position rubber headrest makes possible to maintain the head according to the needs. The unit is supported on 2 jacks allowing a height adjustment of the table (from 73 cm to maximum 103 cm) via a remote control. This system of lifting provides the table a perfect stability and allows the positioning of all types of body (working load 300 kg). Dimensions: Standard: Ref.3800 Length: 270cm Width: 80cm (option 90cm) Adjustable height: minimum 73 cm – maximum 103 cm (stoke 30cm) - Possibility of changing the height
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