Automatic hematology analyzer CELL-DYN Ruby Abbott Diagnostics

Automatic hematology analyzer CELL-DYN Ruby Abbott Diagnostics

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The CELL-DYN RUBY developed by the Abbott diagnostics is useful for laboratories making use of hematology analyzers.Used for invitro diagnostics of the same, the Ruby makes use of the MAPSS technology for better performance of cell analysis in counting and differentiating between the WBC's and other blood cells of the patient.Apart from this the usage of optical laser scatter analysis provides for an exact blood count for the RBC's and platelets in the patient blood stream.Apart from the use of MAPSS for WBC count, a quadra angle light scattering is used on 10,000 events for one cycle to provide for an accurate count.To detect abnormal cells or substances present, a multi scatter plot method is used for analysis which provides a user friendly graph to identify and rectify the areas of abnormal growth or cell development.The RBC analysis is similar to the WBC quadra angle one but the difference only lies in the use of 3 angles instead of 4 like the one in WBC analysis.
  • Operation:automatic
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