Automatic ELISA analyzer DIALISA 4MP Dialab

Automatic ELISA analyzer DIALISA 4MP Dialab

For all DIALAB ELISA assays Modular system Rapid pipetting speed Learned error recovery Automatic cover lock LIS and LIMS compatibility QC monitoring On-board barcode reader for sample identification (optional) Disposable tips System modules: Reader Washer Incubators (Up to four) Sampel module Ambient drawer Barcode reader (Optional) Liquid tanks for system- and waster water General Specifications: No. of plates: 4 No. of assays: 1 assay per strip or up to 12 assays/plate No. of samples: 96 No. of reagents: 24 No. of Std/Ctrl: 33 No. of pipettes: 1
IZ NÖ Süd, Hondastr. Objekt M55,
2351 Wr. Neudorf
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