Automatic ELISA analyzer DIALISA 4MP Dialab

Automatic ELISA analyzer DIALISA 4MP Dialab

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For all DIALAB ELISA assays Modular system Rapid pipetting speed Learned error recovery Automatic cover lock LIS and LIMS compatibility QC monitoring On-board barcode reader for sample identification (optional) Disposable tips System modules: Reader Washer Incubators (Up to four) Sampel module Ambient drawer Barcode reader (Optional) Liquid tanks for system- and waster water General Specifications: No. of plates: 4 No. of assays: 1 assay per strip or up to 12 assays/plate No. of samples: 96 No. of reagents: 24 No. of Std/Ctrl: 33 No. of pipettes: 1
IZ NÖ Süd, Hondastr. Objekt M55,
2351 Wr. Neudorf
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