Automatic ELISA analyzer Agility® Dynex Technologies

Automatic ELISA analyzer Agility® Dynex Technologies

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Emphasizes simplicity with an extremely intuitive, easy-to-use interface that enables effortless navigation Supports several major error-proofing advances, including a comprehensive monitoring system to measure consumable levels and extensive bar coding to eliminate manual data entry Streamlines front-end preparation and minimizes hands-on reagent loading with revolutionary, direct-load reagent SmartKits™, significantly reducing overall assay times and providing full walk-away freedom Stores up to 16 SmartKits and 12 plates on-board for simultaneous runs Utilizes three precision robotic arms - one for sample pipetting, one for reagent pipetting and another for transporting plates and consumables - to obtain maximum process efficiency and unparalleled precision while eliminating nearly all manual steps and reducing the potential for human error

14340 Sullyfield Circle,
20151 Chantilly, VA
United States
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