Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm / wireless Carematix

Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm / wireless Carematix

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Carematix Wellness System self explanatory for the patients to use. It is utilized for check blood pressure at home. Key Functions Easy Reading If liquid crystal has a broad display, reading becomes easy. Display: Systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed. Recognition: It has a clinically known for its accuracy. Modes: There are three approach of fuzzy logic. They are inflation, deflation, and measurement. Independent: Time Stamp does not depend on other features of the instrument. Easy, one-touch: The device can be effortlessly operated as single touch is sufficient. Identification: It is also utilized to identify whether the patient is suffering from high blood pressure or not which curtails the prescriptions that are expensive and needless. Hypertension Control: If patients drug dosages and their blood pressure measurements are frequently correlated, their hypertension comes under control which serves the clinical purposes faster.
  • Operation:automatic
  • Other characteristics:wireless
  • Measurement point:arm
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