Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm / wireless AngioDefender Everist Genomics

Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm / wireless AngioDefender Everist Genomics

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AngioDefender helps physicians detect early-stage disease years before a patient presents with high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol levels. Treatment of CVD is most effective at the earlier stages of CVD; early diagnosis and treatment prevents more serious forms of CVD such as severe hypertension, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure and stroke. The AngioDefender system represents the most innovative solution to the technical, clinical, ease of use and cost challenges relating to assessment of endothelial dysfunction. These advantages position AngioDefender testing to become part of the standard screening methodology applied by physicians to their patients; as important part of helping physicians to assess early-stage cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis particularly in asymptomatic patients. It is hoped that AngioDefender will help Physicians to diagnose early-stage CVD and atherosclerosis through: - Identification of asymptomatic patients with early-stage CVD within normal blood-pressure and lipid ranges but which may have sub-clinical atherosclerosis and CVD as determined by their AngioDefender test score - Periodic health assessment of patients - Screening asymptomatic patients with AngioDefender identified as at-risk because of family history or concomitant illness Help in the assessment of the merits of prescribing pharmaco-therapy and life style modification. - AngioDefender represents an additional means of monitoring response to therapy and life-style modification, helping physicians to create personalized dosage and treatment regimens
  • Other characteristics:wireless
  • Operation:automatic
  • Measurement point:arm
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