Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm UA-85x series A&D Company, Limited

Automatic blood pressure monitor / electronic / arm UA-85x series A&D Company, Limited
UA-85x series

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Consider a simple fact? Your doctor will not diagnose you with high blood pressure based on only one test. Doctors rely on readings taken over the course of 2 or more weeks before making a diagnosis - and if you have high blood pressure, your doctor will closely tract your blood pressure trends to determine whether treatment is effective. A&D now makes it easier for you to track your trends from home. A&D is proud to announce the launch of the UA-855 and the UA-854, two innovate enhancements to our 85X series. These new blood pressure monitors draw on the latest medical research and contain new features integrated primarily to take the anxiety out of blood pressure monitoring. All units offer the WHO blood pressure classification indicator. The top-of-the-line UA-855 model is a new way to understand your blood pressure readings. A prominent feature of the UA-855 is a histogram. The histogram allows you to display blood pressure measurement data stored by the device in a manner that helps you to recognize trends in your blood pressure. You can specify the duration of the graph by selecting from among "All data," "1 Month" or even "1 Week," in order to get a closer and more accurate idea of your condition. The UA-854 also contains an important new feature, a display for room temperature. It is normal for your blood pressure to go up or down because of changes in the room temperature. A&D decided to incorporate a temperature display to keep you alert to this important factor that may influence your blood pressure reading. Knowing your ambient temperature is a key part of managing your blood pressure.
  • Operation:automatic
  • Measurement point:arm
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