Automatic biochemistry and immunoassay analyzer / bench-top Eclectica TiCA Adaltis

Automatic biochemistry and immunoassay analyzer / bench-top Eclectica TiCA Adaltis
Eclectica TiCA

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Eclectica TiCA, an immunoassay analyser addressing your needs for a compact and reliable fully automated platform. Eclectica TiCA is a new designed state of the art immunoassay platform. The use of the newest parts and a totally redesigned sample/liquid station will give you a fast, versatile and confident system for your daily laboratory routine. Eclectica TiCA, a bench top analyser consisting of two carousels, one to process samples and the other processing reagents with barcode reader for positive ID. Fully controllable process via LIS/LIMS systems. Compact Eclectica TiCA fits easily on any lab bench. (W 63.8 cm, D 63.4 cm, H 53 cm). Easy installation. No hydraulic or wall connections are required, instrument has no peripherals – all is included in the instrument. Software Using Open-Lab with the new friendly user interface, enable simplifying the operation immensely. Work list is easily defined, immediate graphs and monitor analyser functions are provided in real time. Calibration Extensive calibration runs performed at Adaltis and other research laboratories. Validated master curve data is stored on the ‘Smart card’ included.
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