Automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ISE SUNMATIK-9100 Sunostik Medical Technology

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / with ISE SUNMATIK-9100 Sunostik Medical Technology

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Engine Performance The instrument type?Automatic random choose discrete; Emergency priority detection testing speed?800T/H?1400 T/H with ISE test method?End point method, two points, rate method and the immune turbidimetry/double wavelength/wavelength s ingle wavelength method of linear and nonlinear calibration Test project: conventional biochemical, specific protein, electrolytes, drugs, drug abuse, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, etc analysis item at the same time? 90 photometric method, three electrode method. Sample System Track the style in this frame?Once every eight samples, can be on 176 samples, sample in a row Sample plate: 27 samples, support bar code scanning (optional), independent refrigeration (4-12 ?), to ensure quality control and calibration at any time for 24 hours a day Sample size: 1.5 mu - 35 mu, 0.1 mul Sample: needle with bubbles and plugging needle, liquid level detection and collision safety protection function, has the function of internal high pressure flushing, 1.5 mu minimum sample weight, 1.5 l - 35 mu, 0.1 mu l l progressive Sample processing: automatic dilution, automatic measurement Emergency samples: random insertion
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