Automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact HB1 LITEON IT Corporation

Automatic biochemistry analyzer / compact HB1 LITEON IT Corporation

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Skyla™ HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a comprehensive transportable system has been particularly structured to perform medical tests with swift, dependable and high preciseness. The device encompasses with a portable analyzer and a panel of single-use reagent disks. The reagent disks enclosed with all chemicals in a dry form. These are much needed to create high quality and quantitative results for a diversified analytics. Contributing only a few bloods is adequate and the transportable analyzer then employs eight wavelengths to execute up to 15 tests on the patient’s sample. The function of this device is simple which requires no expertise training yet allows reaching the best results in less than 15 minutes with the accuracy and correctness, corresponding to a clinical laboratory analyzer. This platform permits medical professionals to quickly recognize clinically significant indicators with high precision at point-of-care (POC) by applying only a few drops of blood.
  • Configuration:compact
  • Operation:automatic
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