Automatic biochemistry analyzer Biolyzer 600 Analyticon Biotechnologies AG

Automatic biochemistry analyzer Biolyzer 600 Analyticon Biotechnologies AG
Biolyzer 600

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The Biolyzer 600 extends the Analyticon line of clinical-chemistry analyzers. With a throughput of 400 test per hour (up to 560 test per hour with ISE) the system is the ideal solution covering the demands of the medium sized laboratories or even the large laboratory as a specialized chemistry system and as a backup solution. A broad panel of clinical-chemistry parameters is available as well as an optional direct ISE-unit for measuring electrolytes. The intuitive user-software and the general easy operating of the instrument enable a maximum of efficiency. The Biolyzer 600 as well as the Biolyzer 200 use the same reagent concept, taking advantage of Analyticon’s 30 years experience in producing high-quality clinical chemistry reagents. The intelligent and solid design maximizes reliability and minimizes downtimes. The system features 72 sample positions, 60 positions for barcoded reagents and two separate reagent needles allowing easy and fast operation, minimizing carryover and guaranteeing accurate results.
  • Operation:automatic
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