Automatic biochemistry analyzer 150 - 180 tests/h | CCA 180 Eurolyser Diagnostica

Automatic biochemistry analyzer 150 - 180 tests/h | CCA 180 Eurolyser Diagnostica
150 - 180 tests/h | CCA 180

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STAT samples can be added and tested at any time ? even in the midst of a large test run. The Eurolyser can automatically perform a large number of testing protocols, e.g. end point, differential (serum blank), immuno-turbidimetry, multi-standard and bichromatic chemistry analyses. The Eurolyser automatically performs all the required pipetting steps to analyze pre-centrifuged patient samples. The integrated inspection mechanisms, such as fluid detection, a cuvette sensor system, a motor power monitor, etc., all ensure the highest operational safety. DETect (TM), a Windows software package, automatically monitors the analyzer while it?s processing samples and/or when new parameters are entered during the run (RANDOM ACCESS) ? continuously ensuring the fastest processing times, thanks to its intelligent scheduling module. The Eurolyser is a multi-chemistry testing system; that means it can perform tests consisting of up to three reagents. It can process the most complicated pipetting schemes, because there are no fixed cycle times or pipetting series to be adhered to ? this is of particular interest to research laboratories and niche markets (e.g. the food industry). The Eurolyser can be loaded with up to 25 reagents at once and its linear photometer features a completely maintenance-free optic system with 20 measurement channels. Due to the Eurolyser?s simultaneous measurement methods, its testing rate and capacity are equal to those offered by much larger instruments.
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