Automatic bedpan washer 5082 C.B.M.

Automatic bedpan washer 5082 C.B.M.

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The CBM bedpan washer is an automatic machine that empties and chemically cleans containers for human waste matter. It is made entirely from AISI304 stainless steel. The bedpan washer comes with a stainless steel chamber, that is completely molded and equipped with powerful jet sprays. An electric pump guarantees the ideal pressure for washing. The washer comes with an external bath for chemical detergent, which is automatically released during the wash cycle. The completely automatic cycle allows for washing with cold water/detergent and rinsing with hot water, all in little over a minute. The bedpan washer also has a cycle dedicated just for emptying followed by a cold-water sluice. A safety system ensures that the cycle will stop if the door is opened. The CBM bedpan washer has four adjustable feet for easy installation.
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Via Castello, 10A,
Torre de Picenardi (CR)
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