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Audiometry room Puma Soundproofing
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Soundproofing of rooms In those cases where soundproof booths cannot be used, it is necessary to work on the existing walls, rebuilding silent rooms. If you have a space available but it is not soundproof, on the basis of your requirements and the context in which you are, we design and manufacture ad hoc sound isolation with fixed structures that cannot be removed with superior acoustic insulation in the booths, with shapes and dimensions at pleasure, customised acoustic correction, fully equipped, ready to use! It is a modern partition system that can be easily managed at the different design areas: rehearsal rooms and music schools, recording studios, speaker rooms and control rooms, conference rooms and work stations for translators, hotels, hospitals, offices and professional studios. The advantages of fixed sound isolation structures are: On-site design and manufacturing Customisation and optimisation of the space Possibility of creating soundproof spaces of any shape and dimensions High level of acoustic insulation up to 75 dB It is possible to create partition walls, supporting walls and suspended ceiling by working on different existing building envelopes (walls, metal structures, wood) with systems suitable for vertical, horizontal or oblique surfaces, integrating them with sound insulators; with appropriate modifications, thicknesses, pre-coupled materials, dimensions of the metal frame and of the insulator, the acoustics of the existing walls can be significantly improved by changing the soundproofing characteristics, starting with an insulation of 30 dB up to 75 dB and beyond.
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