Aspirating vacuum pump / dental / 4-workstation Bio Vac 4 Gnatus

Aspirating vacuum pump / dental / 4-workstation Bio Vac 4 Gnatus
Bio Vac 4

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Technical Specifications 1 HP engine with adjustable vacuum till 550 mm/Hg. The very low level of noise allows it’s installation inside doctor’s office. Exclusive waste separator filter assuring more safety and avoiding obstructions. It’s construction in aluminium/bronze alloy makes it very resistant to the abrasion increasing the equipment’s durability. The water is recycled through an internal chamber providing low water consumption and improving suction performance. Waste filter (exclusiveness) Easy removable waste separator filter. Bio-Vac was developed to operate simultaneously four dental sets without loosing its performance. Bio-Vac Set Automatic suction activation. Can be attached to the dental light post. Two swivel ejectors, removable and autoclavable with easy suction adjustment. A high power ejector provides an excellent operational performance, allowing: • Better visualisation of the operation field. • Low infection risk. • More comfort to the patient.
  • Medical establishment:dental
  • Application:aspirating
  • Number of dental workstations:4-workstation
Rodovia Abrao Assed Km 53 & 450m,
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