Arthroscopy irrigation pump Double ®Pump Medical Vision AB

Arthroscopy irrigation pump Double ®Pump Medical Vision AB
Double ®Pump

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Medical Visions Double® Pump is today the most advanced and high-tech arthroscopy pump on the market. The reason for using a pump and the whole idea with fluid management during an arthroscopic procedure is to: - Keep the joint distended through pressurization and expansion of the operating field - Compress damaged blood vessels to maintain hemostasis through increased pressure - Maintain visibility by flushing the operating field in a controlled way ?It is fundamental to maintain an adequate pressure level throughout the surgery in order to ensure optimal visibility for the surgeon during the procedure and a lenient recovery for the patient. A controlled and accurate pressure will also implicate a safer and quicker procedure. Therefore clinically correctly measured pressure in the joint and an appropriate, case-by-case, automatically adjustments of the pressure, are features that have been proven to be crucial to get a safe and cost-efficient end result, when performing arthroscopic procedures today. Double® Pump controls both the in- and out-flow and consequently both pressure and flow. The pump operates through usage of disposable tubings or cassettes, one that controls the in-flow (Day Cassette, used for one surgical day) and one that controls the out-flow (Patient Cassette, new for every patient). The key advantages of using Double® Pump are: - The patented SmartVision® function - Interface possibility with most of the shaver systems on the market - Calculation of the true pressure in the joint (true IAP) - The easy-to-use Cassette technique - The Outflow Tracking™ function
  • Application:for arthroscopy