Arthroscopy cannula W-202B(CN/EC) Clean Medical

Arthroscopy cannula W-202B(CN/EC) Clean Medical

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The application of Pulsed Lavage has been clinically proven to be essential for both orthopaedic procedures and wound debridement. In arthroplasty, bone bed cleaning with a Pulsed Lavage is a key aspect to the long-term survival of the prosthesis. In wound debridement, it effectivelyremoves more than 90% of the necrotic tssues, contaminant and acteria, consequently rduces infections rates. The CLEANEST Pulsed Lavge System isdesigned accordingly to fulfill these functions. This ergonomic, low noise, lightweight system offers both a powerful gearfor orthopaedic applications anda gentle gear for soft tissue debridement. Consurrent suction an irrigation efficiently does its job without flooding the field. The system is delivered sterile an fully disposable
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