Archiving transmission system wPACS, rPACS Starkstrom

Archiving transmission system wPACS, rPACS Starkstrom

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With the arrival of PACS systems in the UK, many hospitals are now faced with the need to place PACS viewing stations throughout their hospital facilities. One of the areas of a hospital that requires a PACS station is the operating room (operating theatres). In light of these new requirements, Starkstrom has developed PACS viewing stations specifically meant for operating rooms. These have been developed to overcome potential infection control issues, to create more space and to present surgeons with a modern and effective way to view PACS information. PACS Product Range: wPACS – Wall mounted flush fitting PACS station rPACS – Retro-fit PACS station; designed to be placed in existing steel control panels
United Kingdom