Archiving transmission system IMAGE BROKER Medigration

Archiving transmission system IMAGE BROKER Medigration

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The medigration ImageBroker is a cost effective, trendsetting multi-functional system for the workflow-based distribution, storage and archiving of digital images and results. We consistently apply existing standards for your independence. Through the use of validated DICOM and HL7 interfaces, we guarantee high integration with all digital modalities and existing information systems (HIS) nach oben springenIndividual workflow orientated handling Our ImageBroker ensures fast, seamless communication of image and result data through freely configurable routing rules and an individual time management. The multi-site PACS architecture enables high-performing, flexible in-house as well as inter-site intercommunication. Our individual image management solutions can be easily expanded and configured for altered requirements correspondingly. Resources can be optimally used and specifically scaled thanks to virtualization solutions. We offer you custom made fault tolerance concepts for smooth, uninterrupted operation (high availability).