Archiving transmission system Hyper.ePACS ITZ Medicom

Archiving transmission system Hyper.ePACS ITZ Medicom

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The inexpensive alternative to Hyper.PACS with full upgradability Hyper.ePACS is our entry level PACS for budget-oriented image data management in medical diagnostics. The system was primarily designed for deployment in praxes, medical centers and small hospitals. The open system architecture allows full scaleability up to a multi-site enterprise PACS. The perfect solution that accommodates your increasing needs. Very extensive customizabilty to meet the users individual requirements. Existing third-party PVS / PACS can seamlessly be integrated into Hyper.ePACS. Aquired and stored image data is available for viewing and diagnosting everywhere via network. Hyper.ePACS works as a PACS server with centralized data, users access the system and data with Java-based clients. The integration of all kinds of monitors and devices for image recording (CD, DVD, printers etc.) ensures professional future-oriented diagnosis and documentations management. The system offers an interface that allows the printing of image data with any postscript printer. Our risc class IIb software is certified according to ISO EN 13485 and DIN EN 62304; it can officially be installed on existing hardware platforms. Please contact us if you need our recommendations in terms of hardware selection.
Siemensring 44a,
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