Antibody profiling test AbP?ID® Flexmort

Antibody profiling test AbP?ID® Flexmort

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AbP•ID® is a technology which analyses Individual Specific Autoantibodies (ISAs) to uniquely identify humans. AbP•ID® is the only antibody profiling technology available using ISAs found in human blood for forensic identification. The primary purpose and function of antibodies is to protect the body against infection and disease. However, a subset of antibodies known as autoantibodies (ISAs), are thought to perform other functions in the body such as housekeeping tasks, including the elimination of cell debris. A person’s autoantibody profile can be found in all body fluids, but most readily in human blood. The ISAs are a component of every individual’s immune system. After the age of two, this profile remains the same throughout a person’s life.
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