Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam Redactron Zorg

Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam Redactron Zorg
Redactron Zorg

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The Redactron® Low Air-loss Mattress Systems are recommended for patients at high risks for bed sores (decubitus ulcers) or for those with beds sores grade 3 & 4, patients recovering from severe burns and those who should be provided with maximum relief for pain. It is also the best solution for post-fluidisation therapy (Fluidos™). Our mattress systems, having a continuous low interface pressure, provides a high level of comfort and is advisable for all types of ICU beds. Other features of the Redactron® low air-loss systems such as its automatic seat compensation, side position compensation, maximum pressure active CPR function and heating possibilities, makes it is one of the most advanced mattress system now available.